Sagana Santiago City 360 Drone Shot and Aerial video

Barangay Sagana is a barangay in Santiago City, Isabela, you will pass it when you take the main road to Quirino. the neighboring barangays are barangay balintocatoc and barangay Nabbuan. If you are going to Barangay Sagana, one of the famous landmarks near here is the Palazzo Marcelino Event center. Barangay Sagana is just across from it.

The Barangay sagana is Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 5,554. This represents 3.74% of the total population of Santiago. and the current Barangay Chairman is ABELARDO M. DELA CRUZ this 2023.

The landmarks and establishments located in Barangay Sagana are as follows: CMP Village, Iglesia ni Cristo – Lokal ng sagana, Sagana National High School, Redeemer Church, Fountain of Life Global Christian Ministries Church, Milagrosa village, La Trinidad Village, Sta Inez and others.

SPY Aero took a Drone Shot in Barangay Sagana, Santiago City on April 8, 2022. Enjoy the 360-degree photos where you can see your place in barangay Sagana, and you can also take a screenshot and send it to your friend who wants to know the drone shot of your site in Sagana.

Barangay Sagana Aerial 360 Degree Photo

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Aerial footage of Barangay Sagana Santiago City.

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