Nagbukel Mountain Diffun Quirino Drone Shot Aerial Footage

You will pass this Nagbukel mountain when you go to Quirino provinces if you come from cordon Isabela. Nagbukel is an Ilokano word that means something like circle or round thing, not exactly because I can’t translate the right word.

As far as I know there is also a tourist attraction called nagbukel cave near here. according to the internet the nagbukel cave is located at Barangay Luttuad, Diffun, and Quirino with an area of 16 hectares. Its special natural features are its glamorous caves, rocky limestone mountains with forest vegetation of small trees and forest trees plantation lying beside the grandeur Ganano river a tributary to Cagayan River. Nagbukel can be the best described of its breathtaking landscape of a helmet look-like and towns. Presently there are road trails and rock walls terraces. A five (5) minute journey from the town proper.

Anyway, we just happened to pass by the place where the mountain rises in Diffun Quirino and we thought of taking a drone shot of this attention-grabbing mountain. There is a bridge near here and you can see the beauty of the mountain.

Nagbukel mountain is one of the famous landmarks in Diffun Quirino. Here are the drone shot photos and videos were taken by SPY Aero:

Aerial footage of Mount Nagbukel.

If you have imformation about this nagbukel mountain in diffun quirino, please add it in the comment below.

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