DE VERA’S MEDICAL CENTER Inc. Hospital under construction in santiago city 03 10 2022

De Vera Medical Center Inc., based in Santiago, Isabela, Philippines, is a healthcare institution with a long history. Here are some key facts and features about the medical center based on the information obtained from its website: Founded in 1990 by Dr. Bonaleth M. De Vera, it initially started as a lying-in clinic and was transformed into a ten-bed primary hospital a year later. Over the years, the center has undergone numerous expansions and improvements to accommodate the growing needs of its patient community, such as a rehabilitation center, expanded hospital building, and upgraded services like the operating room and radiology and ultrasound department.

The main center is located at 9 City Road, Calao East, Santiago, Isabela, Philippines, and operates from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 6 PM on weekends, with emergency services available 24/7​. The San Mateo Multicare Hospital is located on Osmena St., San Mateo, Isabela, and offers a variety of services, including a trauma center, outpatient care, and a 24-hour emergency department​.

Plans for a new, larger De Vera Medical Center are currently in progress, with the intention to provide more parking spaces and meet the requirements of accrediting bodies. The construction of this new facility began before the pandemic, and they plan to move into the new building by 2022.

For more information about De Vera’s Medical Center, you can visit their website or their location. Aside from the details mentioned above, De Vera’s Medical Center is also constructing a new building in Barangay Caloocan, Santiago city, Isabela. And since we often pass by it, we captured it with Drone shots and Aerial video footage.

De Vera’s Medical Center Photos take by SPY Aero Drone:

All photos and videos were taken last March 10, 2022

Videos of DVMCI taken by SPY Aero Drone:

Expect update when the construction is done.

We’ve taken this drone shot for future reference only and no copyright infringed intended. If you think it should not be posted here, please contact us.

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