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The development of Santiago’s four-lane roadway, known today as M.T. Alvarez Avenue, tells a story of growth and urban planning that has evolved through multiple city administrations. The journey of this critical infrastructure project began during the tenure of former city mayor Miranda, whose vision laid the foundation for this grand boulevard.

Back then, the initiative was simply known as the Grand Boulevard project. The proposed roadway was designed to stretch across the landscape of Santiago, traversing through the bustling neighborhood of barangay Sagana. The endpoint of this significant route was intended to connect with the Santiago-Saguday Road at barangay Baluarte, thus creating a streamlined passage for the city’s bustling traffic.

Alongside the roadway, Mayor Miranda envisioned a hub of commerce and trade. A public market, along with a variety of commercial stalls, was planned to be erected adjacent to the road. This would have not only added a lively vibrancy to the area but also provided a convenient shopping and trade experience for Santiago’s residents.

In addition to facilitating trade and commerce, the Grand Boulevard project was also seen as a pathway to future growth. The route was designed to lead directly to the location of a proposed domestic airport. This strategic placement indicated the city’s ambitions for greater connectivity and increased tourism, thereby positioning Santiago for substantial economic growth.

However, with the change in the city’s administration, the project took a new turn. Under the leadership of former mayor Navarro, the boulevard was renamed M.T. Alvarez Avenue. This was done to honor Marsman Alvarez, a Santiagueño activist who had made the ultimate sacrifice during the martial law era. In this way, the avenue became not just a pathway for traffic, but also a symbol of the city’s history and the resilience of its people.

M.T. Alvarez Avenue has always been at the center of Santiago’s development plans. Back in 2009, the avenue was selected as the prospective location for SM City Santiago. Unfortunately, due to undisclosed matters, the plan was withdrawn. Despite this setback, the importance of the avenue in the city’s growth strategy has remained undiminished.

Today, efforts are underway to enhance the avenue’s functionality and aesthetics. Solar LED street lights are currently being installed to ensure the avenue remains well-lit and safe during nighttime hours. This environmentally friendly lighting solution aligns with Santiago’s commitment to sustainable urban development.

Looking forward, the city has ambitious plans for the development of M.T. Alvarez Avenue. A state-of-the-art Convention Center is being planned along this road. This modern facility is expected to become a hub for events and conferences, attracting visitors from around the country and even from abroad.

In addition, Santiago is preparing for the digital age. An Information Technology Park (IT Park) is soon to be established along M.T. Alvarez Avenue. This IT Park will provide a platform for technology companies to set up operations, thereby fostering innovation, creating jobs, and contributing to the city’s economic growth.

In conclusion, the story of M.T. Alvarez Avenue is a testament to Santiago’s evolution and its ongoing commitment to growth and development. The roadway’s past, present, and future encapsulate the city’s journey from its humble beginnings to its current position as a bustling urban center, and its aspirations for the future.

Watch the aerial video below as we practice shooting drone, we fly over this circle.

Four lanes circle

The above article is still based on 2016 information, the administration has changed from the mayor to the LGU officials. Maybe the plans or names in this area have changed, however, this 2023 there is a new establishment being built in this area around the Four Lanes circle. The old place where we jogged is no longer there and there is a new infrastructure being built here, According to the Marites, it will be a marketplace, but we cannot confirm yet because no LGU officials have confirmed it yet.

Since we pass the four lanes in Santiago city, I was also able to fly a drone here and here is the photo I took this year 2023.

We also took some short video here:

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