Mabini Rotonda Park aka Mabini Circle 360

The Mabini Rotonda Park or better known by Santiago City residents as the Mabini Circle is a well-known landmark in the city. it is located at Barangay Mabini, Santiago City, near Calaocan Bridge and also near Robinsons Place Santiago city. In this Mabini Circle can be seen the seated statue of a valiant hero of the Philippines, Apolinario Mabini.

Commuters and travelers from neighboring towns going to Manila will see this Mabini circle because it has four roads connecting it, the one going in and out of Santiago City, the one going to the town of Ramon to Echague to Roxas and the other one is going to Echague to Alicia and will pass Robinsons Place Santiago City which is also a well-known landmark in the said city.

Apart from Mabini’s statue, this place is also often decorated, especially in the month of December, with lanterns and a large Christmas tree. Also every month of June, which is Philippine Independence Day, many Philippine flags are raised. So every time the commuters pass by, they will be really turned around by its beauty.

Here are the 360 photos taken by SPY Aero

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The 360 Photo aerial shot in DJI Mavic mini last January 31, 2020

Located at Mabini, Santiago City, Isabela

We took also some photos during the month of July where National Flag Days:

Have you passed by Mabini Circle or Mabini Rotonda Park in Santiago City? What did it look like when you saw it? Comment down below

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