Ramon Isabela Drone Shot Aerial 360 Degree Photo

Bayan ng Ramon, Located in the second largest province of the Philippines, Ramon may not be as famous as other towns in Isabela, but it boasts a wealth of attractions that will surely delight any traveler. This charming municipality offers a unique blend of rural tranquility, historical charm, and exciting outdoor adventures.

Diverse Landscapes and Natural Wonders

Ramon is blessed with a range of diverse landscapes from fertile rice fields to dramatic mountains. The town is located in the Magat River Basin, one of the major river systems in the Philippines, which is teeming with rich aquatic resources.

The Magat Dam, the country’s largest dam, is an imposing sight. More than just an important hydroelectric power source, it has become a popular tourist attraction for its stunning views and recreational facilities. The Magat Dam reservoir offers activities like fishing and boating, while the surrounding areas are perfect for picnics and family outings.

Historical and Cultural Significance

The charm of Ramon extends to its historical and cultural heritage. The town has beautifully preserved ancestral houses that echo the stories of the past. Their local festivals like the Binallay Festival, a Lenten tradition that showcases the local rice cake, is a vibrant spectacle that showcases their rich culture and traditions.


Ramon is taking strides in promoting agri-tourism, an emerging trend in travel that promotes sustainable and responsible tourism. The town offers farm tours where visitors can learn about local farming practices and enjoy farm-to-table experiences. The High Value Crops Development Program, which supports local farmers in producing crops like corn, legumes, and tropical fruits, is a testament to the town’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Warm and Friendly Locals

A visit to Ramon wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its warm and friendly locals. The people of Ramon, primarily of the Ilocano and Gaddang ethnic groups, are known for their hospitality. They are more than willing to share their culture and traditions, making your visit all the more immersive and memorable.

Ramon, Isabela is a place where serene rural landscapes meet rich cultural heritage. It’s an excellent destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and explore the heart of Luzon from a different perspective. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or a curious traveler, Ramon promises a unique and meaningful travel experience.

Ramon Isabela, or Bayan ng Ramon, is a province in the Cagayan Valley, where we took a 360-degree photo to fully see its beauty. On December 31, 2022, an aerial photograph was taken.

Now you can see and point top view where you are in Ramon, just screenshot it and share it with your friend.

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