Isabela Thy Will be Done Drone Shot Aerial Photo by SPY Aero

Isabela thy will be done is one of the province’s most well-known landmarks. When you enter the province of Isabela, you will see on the mountain the inscription “ISABELA THY WILL BE DONE”

Isabela is the second largest province in the Philippines, located in the northeastern part of Luzon. It is named after Queen Isabela II of Spain and was founded on May 1, 1856.

Historically, Isabela was a vast region of coastal plains and valleys, inhabited by indigenous communities such as the Gaddang, Yogad, Itawes, and Ibanag, among others. Spanish colonizers arrived in the 18th century, establishing churches and townships.

In terms of tourist attractions and landmarks, Isabela is famous for:

  1. Magat Dam – One of the largest dams in the Philippines, it offers sightseeing, boating, and fishing activities. Its reservoir is the primary source of irrigation water for the provinces in the region.
  2. Ilagan Sanctuary – This is a nature park featuring a mini-zoo, a butterfly farm, and adventure activities like zip-lining.
  3. The Isabela Provincial Capitol – Known for its distinctive and impressive architecture.
  4. The Our Lady of the Visitation of Guibang – A famous 18th-century Roman Catholic Church.
  5. Agricultural Plantations – As “the Rice Granary of the North”, Isabela has sprawling agricultural landscapes that can be quite scenic.

Isabela also celebrates various festivals, like the Bambanti Festival, which pays homage to the importance of agriculture in the province.

Isabela Thy Will Be Done in Cordon Isabela was captured by a drone shot or aerial photo by Spy Aero on January 26, 2021. Here are some photos we’ve taken through Drone Shot, you can use it for your personal use or educational purpose only please make sure to remain the watermark, and as long as possible give credit to spyaero or mention or tag our social media account.

When you come from manila and you go to isabela you will overlook it, often people from isabela get their pictures taken here. How was your experience when you saw it? can be shared in the comments

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