Night Drone Shot using SPY Aero 3.0 Featuring Meraki Garden

Meraki Garden is a famous tourist attraction in the town of reina mercedes, isabela, its exact address is Napaccu Pequeño, Reina Mercedes, Isabela. If you are coming from Cauayan City, Isabela to Ilagan City or Tuguegarao you can pass it because it is just next to the highway.

According to the owner of Meraki Garden, his only plan in the area is to sell bougainvillea because there are many plants planted inside. but he was also surprised because it was crowded with so many people and even led to the occasion that someone complained because the heath protocol was not being followed due to covid19.

The owner calls on all those who wish or plan to visit their garden to follow the health protocols to keep everyone safe.

but the pandemic is gone so everyone is welcome to visit this place again. When we visited it was at night around 7pm and at this time the Garden is very beautiful because of the lights.

We were one of those who were amazed at its beauty. That’s why we tried our new drone, SPY Aero 3.0, which can be used even at night, and we were not disappointed. Here’s a shot from about a hundred meters up.

and here is the video we took, the shot was a bit far due to the large crowd of people and we also thought about everyone’s safety.

Meraki Garden located at Reina Mercedes Isabela 4k Aerial Drone Shot by SPY Aero

What can you say about the night aerial drone shot of SPY Aero 3.0? and the beauty of meraki garden in reina mercedes isabela? would you recommend it as a tourist spot in Isabela? Please comment down below.

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